Proform 505 CST Treadmill

Proform 505 CST Treadmill

Unbiased Cardio Equipment Reviews

By Cynthia W. Quarta

4.00 Star Rating

The ProForm CST treadmill is a well thought out quality treadmill with many exceptional features. The first of which is a large LCD screen thats easy on the eyes. Of course your heart rate will be tracked, plus burned calories will be shown. The sound quality through your ipod will set your body moving on this treadmill. This treadmill also has programmed workouts, so boredom will not be any sort of problem. It has speed control up to 10 miles per hour, and an adjustable incline to burn more calories! It's also quite gentle on your ankles and feet with the belt cushioning available. Ideal for your home gym, living room, or spare bedroom! It is designed to fold up, and return any room back to it's original use! I might mention the quietness and smoothness of the motor, great for a multi-use room especially while you or others are watching the TV! Last but not least, the simple assembly takes an average of two hours. When you exercise on treadmills you engage in cardio activity, that will raise your heart rate, and of course increase your blood flow. Also regular vigorous physical exercise will make your heart and lungs stronger and more resilient

Cynthia W. Quarta is an Author/Fitness Instructor and lives in Montana

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