Healthy Body

The Healthy Body and Living

by Dr. Michelle Vallie, LCPC, PhD.

Are you in good health? It may be several years since you last saw your doctor or were ill enough to stay in bed for a week, but of course that is no guarantee of future good health. Physical and mental breakdowns may occur at any age. Many breakdowns are due to years of unhealthy living and are therefore avoidable. Unless you are one of the relatively few health-conscious individuals, your current life style is almost certainly less healthy than it could be. Now is the time to modify it. You will benefit, first of all, by lowering the risks of preventable illness. And as you begin to become increasingly fit, you will feel better all around and will find that you are more able to enjoy life.. Certain basic guidelines for healthy living are simple, and medical research shows convincingly that they improve your chances for a long healthy life. These guidelines are set out below, as five basic rules for healthy living . Following the guidelines will help you retain your health and vigor and increase your life expectancy. Even if you are middle-aged and overweight and last exercised regularly when you were a teenager, you can move gradually into a healthier living pattern. First however, check on the present state of you health and the advisability of various aspects of your current life style. Certain aspects of life style, behavior and personal medical history are especially important in assessing the current state of your health. Our society's current emphasis on diet, exercise and other aspects of life style is not just a passing fashion or fad. The major diseases of adult life are serious and often fatal., but many of them are easier to prevent than to cure. There is no mystery about what to do. Your life is largely in your own hands.

Five basic rules for healthy living

  • If you smoke, give it up, Now! There is no longer any doubt about the link between smoking tobacco and the development of serious illnesses such as lung cancer and some forms of heart disease.
  • If you drink alcohol, drink in moderation-no more than an average of two bottles of beer (or two cocktails or two glasses of wine) each day.
  • Exercise strenuously at least twice, and preferably three times each week.
  • Eat sensibly. You need a balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables, but go easy on cream, butter, fatty foods, sugar, cakes and other sweet things.
  • Do not let yourself get overweight. If you are already obese go on a reducing diet until you are slim and fit.